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Can You have more than one ESA? - 2021 Guide
Animals have a long history of providing companionship to humans. What could be better than having an emotional support animal when you are suffering from a mental or emotional disability.? esa letter provides support to a person suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness. It is mentioned under the Americans with Disability Act that individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental or emotional disability can have more than one ESA. This act also recognizes the fact that emotional or mentally disabled individuals might need more than one esa letter for housing to be fully functional in their daily life.
However, the same act also acknowledges some situations where having more than one ESA can be trouble. This includes flying on a plane or to a lesser degree fair housing. Imagine you have two ESA dogs and you are planning to fly with them. Does it sound logical? Not! The airline would be hesitant to offer you multiple seats for your beloved ESA.
Can your landlord make a reasonable accommodation if you have multiple ESA?
Yes, Under the Fair Housing Act, building managers, landlords, and the owner should make reasonable accommodations for an individual with an ESA unless it does not cause an undue burden on the landlord. You can check an ESA letter sample online to know how a letter from registered professional looks? The letter must be typed on your licensed mental health care professional letterhead and should include the license number, the date on which it is issued, and the number of ESAs.
If you want to live with your multiple emotional support dog, then get a legitimate and valid emotional support dog letter from your registered mental health care professional. The letter should also contain your licensed mental health care professional contact number so that can dogs eat almonds landowner or airline can verify the letter. The accommodation also depends on the number of animals and species that are being housed. Therefore, the number of ESA should make sense.
For example, having more than two horses in a small house may not be feasible. If your landlord does not allow you to live with more than one ESA, then you have full right to file a complaint against your landlord in a local housing department. The Fair Housing Act protects you from being discriminated based on your disability and to live with your ESA.
Traveling with multiple ESAs
Most airlines have a rule of one pet per passenger policy therefore, you should contact the chosen airline at least 48 hrs. before flight. Make sure you possess an ESA letter for each of your ESA. If you get approval from the airline, then follow some rules for your beloved ESAs during the flight.
Trains your ESAs to be obedient and well behaved
Keep your ESA under control all the times
Having multiple ESAs may not always be advisable or beneficial
Depending on the diagnosis of a person, having multiple ESAs to care for can be very can dogs eat watermelon time-consuming. Bathing, feeding, walking, etc. are all tasks that need to be done regularly and can become burdensome. Having multiple ESAs can also require additional expenses that can cause stress to you. The pets that you own demand a lot of time and they are your responsibility.
You need to have the energy and time to take care of each of your ESA, such as giving love and affection and taking it for a walk. What else, you need to be prepared for spontaneous and random needs that could arise with an ESA at any time such as injury, illness, or any other medical emergency.
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