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Which ESA Is Suitable For A Small Apartment? - 2021 Guide
It is proven that emotional support dogs take care of their handlers by keeping them active and physically healthy. There is no doubt that dog lovers want to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months with a cocktail in their hands while their Flying with an Emotional Support Animal are curled up on their feet but taking care of the support animals can be a challenge too!
Emotional support animals would totally agree with the fact that summers are fun and there is no point in staying indoors when there is sunshine outside with a little bit of breeze every now and then. Little do they know that the summer heat is hard to cope with just a little increase in humidity and HUD laws temperature. Canine companions may suffer from dehydration, heat strokes, or even serious skin problems if they are not taken care of.
The best way of this is spending long hours of the day outside the confines of your home with your puppy. Before you accompany the woof woof machine, you must remember to legally register emotional support dog in case of any discrepancy. The emotional support letter should also be in your carry bag at all times. It can be really daunting when some authority of a no-pet zone starts to question the whereabouts of your furry goo-goo.
This post tends to inform all the ESA handlers while summers are a great opportunity for establishing the how do you qualify for an emotional support animal best bond with your ESA dog. There are some risks that can post great dangers to an emotional support dog’s health.
● Does your dog accompany you for grocery chores? Never leave the emotional support dogs in parked cars
Statistics show that every summer, quite a lot of animals died while they suffered from heatstroke when they were in locked cars. On an average warm day, the temperature in a parked car can spike up to more than a hundred degrees. No innocent being deserves to be locked in cars during any season, let alone summer.
● What should your puppy eat during the heat months? Ensure a well-balanced nutritious diet which has a lot of energy factors
Any dog owner or an emotional support dog handler might have noticed that in an attempt to lower their body temperatures, dogs spend all their energy even though they eat less. Therefore, to compensate for the energy loss, it is important that dogs must have benefits of esa a complete diet that is full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
● Too much fur on your dog? Step up your game on grooming!
Breeds who have a lot of furs must be regularly clipped as extra fur can irritate the dogs.
● Are you a fitness enthusiast for your emotional support dog? Limit the exercise sessions for when the sun goes down!
The exercise time should be either when the sun goes down in the evenings or early in the morning when the temperature is cooler. Before selecting any surface for exercise, ensure if it is appropriate for the dog.
● Take a step back from all the hugging and cuddling! Give some space to that furry babe!
Just like you, dogs can also get grumpy and irritable from the heat. Ensure a safe distance.
● Spray them!
Spray your canine boo boo with cool water, but make sure they like the experience. We don’t want to overwhelm the tender babies now, do we??
● Watch out for any symptoms of diseases that can surge during the summer months.
If your dog is gasping for fresh air visibly or has a reduced food intake or activity, this is Emotional Support Animal Resource alarming! Connect the veterinarian if the symptoms persist and keep your dog in a cooler location for the rest of the summer.
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